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The special edition DVD-release of "Blood Tracks" is still available, and it is a real fiest for fans of Easy Action!

"Blood Tracks", directed by Swedish cult director Mats-Helge Olsson, has gained a big following since it´s release in 1983, and this is the first time that the film is available on DVD.

The DVD can be ordered here, and it is released on Sept. 12. European shipping available.



* "A HOT SUMMER NIGHT" - The complete TV-special with Easy Action recorded live in Stockholm in 1983. All the classic songs performed live plus rare shots of the band in private. Restored from the original tapes and NEVER before released.  (50 min.)
* "WE GO ROCKING" - The original video shot 1983 in London. Restored from the original tapes and never before released.

* Brand new interviews with Zinny Zan and Alex Tyrone (a.k.a Peo Thyrén), made by music journalist Stefan Malmqvist,  telling the story about making the film back in 1983. (26 min.)

* Illustrated discography.

* Original trailer.

* Gallery

* Easter egg.


* The first 1000 copies comes with the re-make of "We Go Rocking" that the re-united Easy Action recorded in 2008. The song was the official song for the Speedway Grand Prix, and the CD-single also features the brand new song "Jack Is Back".

New single on May 27!
Read the full story here!
What´s up?

We have received quite a few e-mails from you guys recently, asking about what´s going on with the band. So here it is:

Micael and Grizzly´s tribute to Noice

What does EASY ACTION have in common with members of CRASHDIET, KING DIAMOND, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, HAMMERFALL and teenage heartthrob JOHAN PALM? The answer is that they are all part of the tribute album to NOICE that Grizzly and Micael fished just days before Micael passed away in May 2011. 

Buy it here!

Zinny re-mastered

The re-mastered version of Zinny´s debut soloalbum "City Boy Blues"is out on iTunes now! It is a fine collection of songs recorded soon after Zinny returned home to Sweden after his many years in the U.S. Among the guests featured on the album is Zinny´s fellow gunslinger from Easy Action; Kee Marcello. Check out a brand new interview with Zinny here!
Get the album on iTunes right HERE!
Check the YouTube promo HERE!

Remembering Michael

 A few words about Michael.

Our dear friend and bandmate Micael Grimm passed away in May of 2011. He struggeled with diabetes all of his grown life, and it was that decease that in the end took him from us. No words can express how anyone of us in the band feels about losing Micael. He was always one second away from laughter, in any given situation, good or bad, and he was pivotal to our decision to keep going after the supposed one off reunion show at Sweden Rock in 2006. He showed us the true meaning of a fighting spirit and he is greatly missed by us all.
We Salute You
. Rest in peace.

Zinny Zan, Kee Marcello, Björn "Grizzly" Höglund, Simon Roxx


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